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The NEPMA IPM Registry

Promoting Professional Integrated Pest Management

The New England Pest Management Association announces the formation of the IPM Registry for the benefit of consumers and pest managers alike.  The purpose of the IPM Registry is to promote and maintain a professional standard of integrated pest management in every community.

1.  The benefits of the IPM Registry include:

Cutting edge IPM education Recognition of achievement
Verified knowledge of IPM Verification of professional performance
Public Education Consumer access via Website
Increased consumer confidence Peer recognition

Additional recognition for licensed/certified applicators


2.  Who should enroll in the IPM Registry?  Pest management businesses.  Managers, Supervisors, Technicians, Sanitations and Consultants should all consider the benefits of enrolling in the IPM Registry.

3.  Levels of registration:  The Registered IPM Practitioner is licensed by the state to apply pesticides, has passed the IPM Registry examination and obtains additional IPM contact hours above the state license requirements.  Records of service performance are submitted every three years.  The Registered IPM Business has a Registered IPM Practitioner at each business location and demonstrates IPM compliance in performance.  Every business names a coordinator for each site.


4.  Training/Testing:  Training/Testing sessions will be conducted on the principles and practices of structural integrated pest management.  Instructors will include:  members of NEPMA IPM Registry Committee and other individuals qualified by education, experience and past performance.

5.  Credentials and Renewal:  Upon satisfactory completion of application and examination, the IPM Registered Practitioner/Business will receive a certificate, a wallet card and a set of patches.  IPM Practitioners registration is good for three (3) calendar years; IPM Registered Businesses must re-register each year.  Additional IPM Registry related materials are available for purchase.
6.  Removal from the Registry:  The NEPMA IPM Registry reserves the right to remove a Practitioner or Business that fails to abide by the purpose and code of ethics stated in our "Operating Principles".
7.  Precision Pest Control, Inc. and ALL of its service technicians have met the IPM Registry qualifications and performance standards.